With Studio-Scrap, create your own documents and let your imagination run wild!

Beautiful layouts for making the most of your pictures

Scrapbooking is three things in one: a creative hobby, a decorative art form, and the opportunity to set down the story of your family on paper, using pictures and commentary. You can also make the most of your holiday photos.

With Studio-Scrap, create your own documents and let your imagination run wild!

More than just a standard album, scrapbooking makes the most of your photos. Thanks to Studio-Scrap you can produce your layouts with ease.

Collages for staging your family photos

Creating a photo collage is simple.

All you need to do is to choose a sketch, then select the pictures you want, and place them in the shapes available, and finally decorate if you wish to.
Now You can print your work or have it printed. A good idea to distribute to all family members!

The example opposite was printed on A4 photo paper, then framed (format 20x30 cm).

Creating a montage is simple



Using the calendar function on the Text tab, you can create customized calendars by choosing pictures, backgrounds, photo shapes...it's easy! You can get a digital scrapbooking calendar in a few moments!

An excellent gift idea for Christmas for family and friends alike!

Greeting cards, birthday cards...

Instead of sending a standard off-the-shelf card, create a customized greeting card from your own pictures, and for every opportunity.
Studio-Scrap 4 is the most appropriate tool to make your own greeting cards. For every celebration of the calendar, we also offer you a free card template to customize and print. These printable cards will help wizz up a new card every time one is needed at home or at work in a few minutes.

Then you can easily send the card using the 'Send by e-mail' function! Or print it to attach to a gift parcel...

Greeting cards
Personalized Postcards

Personalized Postcards

Send a card with photos from your vacations. What better way of describing your trip, than sending a few pictures for your family and friends' enjoyment!

Create a small design and have it printed at a photo kiosk.

Invitation Cards and wedding stationery

A coming wedding, a new baby? With the help of Studio-Scrap, you can create customized and original announcement cards, menu cards and all the matching stationery you need to prepare for the event!

You can even make the favor boxes yourselves.

The best of the Do-It-Yourself brides will use our scrapbooking software to ensure everything is matched perfectly.

Customize everything with your own theme and colors, and either print at home when numbers are not too high, or let it be printed by a local supplier. Then you can always add glittery paint and self-adhesive stones and flowers, and finish it off with a nice ribbon...