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what is a kit?

Not easy when you’re not a professional graphic designer to match visual elements found on the Net, is it?
Even in Creative Commons image banks (free license), there’s always something wrong: not the right shape, not the right size, the color is wrong, the style is different, a piece is cut…

Our solution: an ever-growing stock of over 55,000 items!

But beware: this stock is not supplied in bulk! We go one step further, grouping elements by theme. This is what we call a “kit”. More than 250 assorted elements : illustrations or photos on the same theme: Christmas, travel, childhood, gastronomy, love, fantasy, leisure…

These elements take many forms: background textures, embellishments, cutting templates, alphabets, decorative lines, masks, frames

These additional kits are sold either individually or as part of a subscription.

Single purchase

You can purchase the right to personal and private use and distribution of individual kits.

Directly in the software, you can see the elements contained in each kit and by clicking on them obtain a link to the store.

kit à l'achat

Part of a kit
to purchase

élément d'un kit à télécharger

Part of a kit purchased but not downloaded

kit à l'achat

Part of a kit purchased and downloaded


A subscription to access a selection of kits or all existing and future kits!


Studio-Scrap software

Starter pack
(248 items)



Advanced Studio-Scrap software

50 kits
(over 18,000 items*)

5.95 € / month
59.50 / year (two months free)


Advanced Studio-Scrap software

+200 kits
(+ 55,000 items*)

Access to kits as soon as they are released

9.95 / month
99.50 / year (TWO MONTHS FREE)

There are two other formulas:

– The “Deluxe” package for access only to the software’s advanced functions, without the kits.
– And a “Pro” formula for those wishing to sell their creations.

Titre kit minuit chic
Titre kit dino parc
Titre kit Coté mer
Titre kit Menez l'enquete

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* For information only, and without obligation. As of October 20, 2023, the Crafty formula includes 1,847 elements. And the Passion formula includes 55842 elements (increasing with each kit release).