Here’s the Studio-Scrap Q&A. Some of the most frequently asked questions about the software. If you’ve consulted the questions below and haven’t found the information you need?


Guide in pdf

If you don’t have the paper guide, help is available in the software via the top-right icon (blue icon with a question mark). The guides can also be downloaded in PDF format:

1/ Which software version do I need?

The latest edition of Studio-Scrap is 9. This is the only edition still regularly updated and supported by our technical department.

It is available in several versions:

Free: Software with all basic functions with no time limit.
Deluxe: Software with all existing and future basic and advanced functions.

With kits :
Crafty: Software with all existing and future basic and advanced functions + a fixed selection of 50 themed kits.
Passion: Software with all basic and advanced functions, existing and future + almost all published kits + forthcoming kits.

Commercial use:
Pro: Software with all basic and advanced functions, existing and future + published kits + kits to be published + commercial license for 2 workstations.

2/ If I test edition 9, can I go back to a previous edition afterwards?

Yes, you can install v9 alongside your current edition. Don’t worry about your other editions, they can still be used.

3/ What’s in the “Free” edition 9?

The free version is already a standard version of Edition 9, giving you access to all the basic functions for your layout, with no time limit. It also has access to all the patches made to existing functions in previous versions. With no obligation to buy and already complete, it can also be used to print albums.

It also provides a 15-day trial period for the new functions.

4/ Does the installation of free edition 9 overwrite older editions?

No, you can install the new edition next to the old one without any problem.

5/ How long does it take to upgrade from the free version to the subscription version?

The free version of Studio-Scrap 9 has a 15-day “Deluxe” version (with advanced functions), but you can scrape and export your creations with no obligation to buy and no time limit.

6/ What are the basic functions of the free version?

The basic functions are those for simple page layout. Use templates, place embellishments, photos, textures, masks, lettering, add a shadow, use templates, create simple and artistic text, simple calendars, print, export and order a photo album.

7/ Are Studio-Scrap 9 work files compatible with older versions?

No. It is not possible to work on a file in SS9 and then continue in SS8 or previous. As the recording format evolved with software version 9, there is no backward compatibility. To open files created with SS9 Gratuit, Deluxe, Crafty or Passion, the free SS9 version is sufficient. On the other hand, it is possible to open all old Studio-Scrap formats in SS9!

1/ Is there a minimum subscription period?

No, the minimum duration is one month for the monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time! For the annual version, it’s one year of course 😉

2/ Would it be possible to have the list of kits for the crafty subscription?

Due to planned changes in this selection of kits, we are unable to provide a list. We recommend downloading the free version and looking directly into the software. Crafty subscription Passion subscription Special edition

3/ What happens when I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your Deluxe, Crafty, Passion or Pro subscription, you will no longer have access to kits or advanced functions. Your Studio-Scrap is still running, but as a free version. If you cancel your Pro subscription, you lose the right to market all your creations, cards, etc., including those created during the subscription period.

4/ Can I re-subscribe later?

Yes. You can subscribe/unsubscribe as many times as you like.

5/ Do I still have access to my old edition (4, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8…) after I stop subscribing?

You can install the new edition alongside your old ones without any problem. Once your subscription has expired, you can start using your old edition again.

6/ What happens to Studio-Scrap kits and packs already installed on my PC?

Your kits were bought with an email address on our store, you just need to use the same email address for Studio-Scrap 9, and your kits will be usable with this new edition. Subscriptions including kits will be added to the ones you already have.

7/ What happens to kits and packs already purchased with previous editions when I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, your individual kits will remain available.

8/ When you subscribe to Crafty, Passion or Pro, are all the kits directly accessible?

Yes. As soon as you log in to your Studio-Scrap 9 store account, you have access to your subscription kits.

9/ In the Crafty subscription, can I choose which kits to include?

The “Crafty” subscription is a pre-established selection of 50 kits on “basic” themes for all occasions. This list is fixed at a given moment, and will evolve in the future, according to uses and needs, but the number of kits will remain fixed at 50.
1/ I can’t update the software

Your firewall and/or antivirus software may be blocking the update.

If this is the case, disable your antivirus and/or firewall software during installation:

  • Close Studio-Scrap
  • Click on the link, Download the update
  • Once this file has been downloaded : Run or Open this file to launch the update installation.
2/ I’ve changed computers or got a second PC: how do I install Studio-Scrap?

If you have purchased the software from the store, log in to your account, then in “My Downloads”, download the software.

Please download and run this software. You will be asked to enter your email address and password for the store account.

Once you’ve entered these details, you can click on the link corresponding to the software you wish to download. If you do not know your store password, please click on this text first to choose a new password.

Once the software is installed, launch it to enter your activation key and activate it. The activation key can be found in your account on the store and in one of the messages you received when you subscribed.

3/ I want to launch the software and I get an error message.
You need to reinstall the software, either by downloading it again or by using the backup you made of the previously downloaded file. You can also use the following interface to download software (up to and including Studio-Scrap 8) and kits from the CDIP store: http: //ftp.cdip.com/pub/boutique/LanceurCDIPGen.exe Please download and run this software. You will be asked to enter your email address and password for the store account. Once you’ve entered these details, you can click on the link corresponding to the software you wish to download. If you do not know your store password, please click on this text first to choose a new password. Once the software is installed, launch it to enter the activation key and activate it. The activation key can be found in your account on the store and in one of the messages you received when you subscribed.
4/ I’ve requested the software or a kit. What should I do?

For software :

Click on a link to download a file.

Click on “Save”.

Then double-click on the file to start installation.

For kits, you don’t have to do a thing. Provided you have used the same store account for your kit and software, the kit should be available in Studio-Scrap within minutes of your purchase. You can check this by looking at the icon in the top right-hand corner of the items in this kit: in the form of a small basket before you buy, and a downward arrow after your purchase.

5/ Some of my kits don’t work

Some items may load incorrectly due to a loss of connection during download. (Software version: Cloud)

To solve the problem, simply force reload the damaged folder by deleting it.
– Close Studio-Scrap
– Go to C:\Users\PublicDocumentsStudio-Scrap\
– Find the relevant kit folder
– Delete the folder
– Relaunch Studio-Scrap
– Wait 5/10mins, the software will check each folder and restart the download of any missing items.

For composites :
Go to your “Documents” folder
Open the Studio-Scrap subfolder
Delete the corresponding kit folders

For the same problem, but with kits installed via an installation setup or CD, simply redo the installation.

1/ How do I crop a photo?

A photo is cropped in the retouching tool.

Watch the video to see how to crop a photo.

2/ I’ve cropped a photo and saved it, but it’s not transparent?

When saving, be sure to select the PNG format, which is the only one to retain transparency.

3/ What does “To warp” and “To fluidify” mean?

To warp and to fluidify are two photo retouching features available from Studio-Scrap Edition 9 Deluxe, which you can test for 15 days with the free version. To warp transforms a photo by moving dots. Fluidify lets you modify a photo by pushing the pixels as if they were modeling clay.

1/ I’ve modified a layout offered in a kit or pack. How can I keep the original page and save a new file with my modifications?

Here’s how to avoid overwriting the original composition:

– Click on the button with the S in the upper left-hand corner

– Click on “Save” then “Save as”.

– Choose a working directory.

– Give the file a name and save.

2/ I want to make a photo album and order a print. What do I need to do?

Here’s how to make an album and order it:

– Launch the software

– Click on “New”

– In the Format tab, choose a bound album format.

– Immediately, click on the button with the S in the top left-hand corner

– Click on “Save” then “Save as”.

– Choose a directory, name the file and save.

– Create your pages and save regularly (Ctrl +S). Don’t wait until you’ve finished everything to save it. You can then work on the album as you wish at any time, just by reopening the file.

To order, click on the button with the S and then on “Order a print” and follow the steps.

3/ I’m creating an album. How do I insert a page I’ve already created?

All album options are accessible in the Album section on the left of the screen:

– Click on the +,

– Click on “Insert a composition or album”,

– Select the desired page,

– Click on “Open”,

– To the question “Do you want to replace the blank pages?”, click “Yes”.

4/ How can I change the order of the pages in my album?

Page management options are available in the Album section of the left-hand bar.

– Click on the desired page,

– On the left, click on the yellow arrow icon to move the page in the desired direction.

5/ I’ve sent the .scalb or .sccl (v9) file to someone who can’t open it. How can she see my work?

Studio-Scrap is required to open a .scalb or .sccl file.

To send your image by e-mail or on the gallery, export your composition in jpg format (lighter file size).

– Launch software

– Open your composition

– Go to the “Export” tab and choose the jpg format

– Choose the directory or drive where you want to save the file,

– Click on “Export”.

6/ I get an error message when saving or exporting.

One or more items may be incorrectly recorded on one or more pages of your album.

Check the elements on your pages by looking for those that are present in the list on the right-hand side bar but do not appear on your pages.

Once these elements have been found, delete them and reinsert them if necessary.

Save and export your album…

1/ How do I use magic borders?

This is a new feature of Studio-Scrap 6. Select two templates using the CTRL key.

You can then activate the option in the borders.

Watch the video “Magic borders, European-style scrapbooking” to see step-by-step how it’s done.

2/ How do I merge or perforate 2 templates?

Select 2 templates by clicking on each template and pressing the CTRL key on your keyboard.

Then click on the merge and perforate icon and click on the merge or perforate icon.

template merging

1/ I can’t find the compositions offered in my kit(s)?

– Launch Studio-Scrap and click on “Open”.

– In the “Projects” tab, click on the name of the desired kit

– Files appear on screen

– Double-click on one of them to open it

2/ How do I use an Azza pack to create texture effects ?
3/ How do I use the 50-mask pack?
4/ How do I use the Word-Arts pack?

Watch the video Discover Word-arts

5/ How do I use the 50-cluster pack?

Watch the video Using the 50 clusters

1/ When I print, I get uneven white margins all around the page.

It’s the printer’s margins that are uneven and vary from printer to printer.

Look at your printer’s help page to find out how to print without margins. In your printer’s options, there is usually a “Print without margins or bleed” option.

If you’re printing without a margin, make sure you don’t put text or elements too close to the edge if you don’t want them to be cut off.

In Studio-Scrap, in the printing section, click on “Format” then “Properties” to access your printer options.

1/ I’ve made a 10 x 10 cm composition. How can I print it on A4 paper while keeping the same dimensions?

In the print section, you’ll find “Simple printing”. Instead of adjusting to width or height, check “Scale choice” (%) and set to 100%.

1/ How do I print on 10×15 cm paper?

To print on 10 x 15 cm paper (postcard format), the composition must first be produced in this format:

– Launch the software

– Choose Single sheet

– Choose the 100 x 150 mm format and the desired orientation

– Now create your composition

You can now print in 10 x 15 cm by selecting 10 x 15 paper and the same orientation.