Here’s a selection of demonstration videos and tutorials on Studio-Scrap.

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studio-scrap presentation

A complete overview of Studio-Scrap features, with a few tips on how to use them.

create a 360° panorama

Discover the panorama of images. Learn how to simply connect your shots so that Studio-Scrap automatically takes care of the panorama.

create a photo mosaic

Studio-Scrap lets you create your own photo-mosaics.
Discover the tutorial!

create a surprise flower card

The only limit to design is your imagination! With a printer and magnetic paper, you can create a beautiful declaration of love to stick on the fridge!

animated gif in burst mode

Your camera or phone must have a burst mode! Take advantage of the opportunity to create delightful animated virtual postcards…

create a photo album

How to create a magnificent photo album directly in the software, customizing everything from the format to the printout without leaving the software!

create a page layout

Take a look at the easy layout of this photo safari page. With the magic border tool, the design quickly becomes beautiful!

Valentine's Day gift

Add a touch of whimsy and originality to this beautiful day dedicated to lovers! A gift voucher for a romantic weekend, a gift voucher for a massage, a gift voucher for a movie… These are just a few of the little gestures that are always appreciated!

hand coloring

Studio-Scrap makes it easy to add freehand drawings or custom color zones.

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