Studio-Scrap lets you create your own photo montages and let your imagination run wild!

what to do with Studio-Scrap

enhance your photos

You can create your own “scrapbooking” scenes. It’s a creative hobby, a form of decorative art, and an opportunity to put down on paper, through photos and comments, the story of a family. You can also showcase vacation photos.

Better than a standard album, scrapbooking makes the most of your photos. Studio-Scrap makes it easy to create your own compositions.

mise ne page créative japon
mise en page créative bateau
mise en page créative peinture

All too often, souvenir snapshots remain at the bottom of our phones or computers today. At the risk of losing them with this one. With Studio-Scrap, you can create photo books for travel, weddings, births, family meals, parties with friends… Print your photos and preserve your memories in a beautiful album!

Create an original, personalized album for yourself or as a gift!

Order your book directly from the software.

impression d'albums

the possibilities are endless


Création de dépliant

Studio-Scrap lets you design all your documents like the pros.

And send your pdf exports easily by email!

photo montage frame

cadre photos - pêle mêle

It’s easy to make a photo montage frame. Choose a scrapbook page template, then select photos before printing or exporting as an image.



A wedding, a birth? create original and unique invitations !

Better than a standard card, create personalized greeting and birthday cards.


Calendrier florale

The calendar function makes it easy to create unique, personalized calendars by choosing photos, textures, embellishments…


Carte postale

Send a card with photos of your vacation. What better way to tell the world about your trip than by sending a few photos to your friends and family !



Create objects such as boxes, bookmarks, etc. By printing the elements on A4 pages, you can then cut and assemble your DIYs ad infinitum!

The only limit is your imagination !

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