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There are plenty of opportunities to create a poster!

Créer une affiche

Here are a few tips for creating a striking poster !

Page layout

A poster needs to be seen from a distance, so pay attention to the size of the text and prioritize the information in order of importance!

It’s a poster, not a novel! The key is to simplify the message as much as possible and get straight to the point.

Please note that for printing, the visuals must be of good quality and free of copyright (or you must have purchased the commercial license). Images found on the Internet are often not free of copyright and are not in good enough definition to be printed.


But be careful not to forget any important information. It may sound silly to say it like that, but you can often see posters without the location or contact… It’s hard to go to a Christmas market without the name of the town…

In the same vein, be sure to put the date (and time) and location up front and legible.


Work on legibility, by paying attention to colors: even if it’s merry for Christmas, avoid writing in red on green!

If you use a photo to illustrate your poster, make sure it’s easy to understand from a distance. Match the colors of the poster to the photo for a harmonious look.

Your poster should be harmonious in its colors, and avoid a “mismatched” effect to make it pleasant and easy to read. Choose a color chart of no more than 4/5 colors to maintain unity.


The choice of typography is also essential: the fonts used must be legible and not too numerous. Your choice can change the direction of your communication, so make sure you stick to the message.

sens typographie

Some examples of posters

affiche repas des anciens
affiche marché créatif
affiche asso de généalogie
affiche kermesse

These posters are included as editable templates in the free version of Studio-Scrap.

How do I make a poster with Studio-Scrap ?

Créer une affiche : préparation

We need to think:

One poster size fits all?

Who is the target audience, what is their language?

What is the primary and secondary information?

What’s your graphic identity? Colors, visuals…

Créer une affiche : format

Is the preparation work finished?

Launch Studio-Scrap and click on “New”.

Click on the “Formats” tab and select “Single page”.

Enter format including bleeds
(depending on the printer)

Créer une affiche : mise en page

It’s up to you!

Place a texture or color in the background

Add titles and information using the “Texts” tab

Select images using the Pictures tab

Add decorative elements using the “Embellishments” tab

Don’t forget to save your work regularly.

Créer une affiche : export

The poster is finished!

Click on the “Print” tab to start printing

Or click on “Export” to save the poster as a Pdf or JPG file.

If you want to put the poster on a website, reduce the resolution to obtain a lighter image.

For all your communications

When you need posters, it’s not unusual to also need flyers or business cards…

Studio-Scrap lets you create all your communications like a pro!

a complete package

With the 80 poster templates pack, all you have to do is choose your template, customize it and publish it!
From the “humanitarian fund-raising campaign” to the “music festival” and the “Christmas market”, we cover a wide range of themes.

affiche fete de la musique
affiche marché de noël

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